LT-S200 IP68 barcode scanner

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IP68 Barcode Scanner 
Designed for Outdoor
and Industrial Use

1. Mega camera make scan easier.Can read 110mm

long code easily.

2. Rugged case. Waterproof and dustproof,
anti-scratch, shock-resistant (rubber buffer),
3. Japanese microswitch, longer life.
4. Special industrial cable, more durable.
5. Able to read bluerred/scratched
barcodes accurately.
6. High affirmation in warehousing, logistics,
factory production line.
7. All 1D&2D code can be decoded.
No driver required,
can adapt to various
USB interface
Plug and play
No driver installation required
Accept OEM / ODM
If you have any question about our product, send inquired and let us know.
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About Packing
The default packaging is our own brand packaging. If you need neutral packaging or ODM packaging, please inform in advance.



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