LT-S300 barcode scanner

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We are committed to the R & D, design and
production of retail equipment.

Provide practitioners with more powerful and

stylish devices. No matter in appearance

design, function and price, LT-S300 is a very

cost-effective product among similar products.

It has been favored by customers before the
official sale, and thousands of units are booked
in advance.


One is Three

3 Connection mode : Wired USB; Bluetooth

Wireless; 2.4G Wireless.

Different usage scenarios require different
connection methods. LT-S300 can almost meet different usage
scenarios. And no need to scan for
switching the connection method.


Disconnected Inventory Mode
Compatible with Execl

Features designed for storage inventory.

LT-S300 will automatically enter the storage

mode after disconnecting, all scanned barcodes

will be stored in the internal storage space.

More than 100,000 barcodes can be stored.

Compatible with Excel tables, word wrap.


Vibration and Sound Prompts

When the scan is successful, the LT-S300 has not

only the traditional voice prompt function,

but also the vibration prompt. The vibration alert

can also tell the user whether the scan was

successful in a noisy environment.

Of course, it can be set to a single prompt mode.


Powerful Scanning Capabilities
LT-S300 has a powerful reading ability. Not only
can read common 1D and 2D codes, but also can
read tiny DPM codes, long-sized bank barcodes.
For deformed barcodes, fuzzy barcodes, and
damaged barcodes, they can also be easily read.
IOS System Keyboard Control

When it connect with IOS system , the

barcode scanner can control thekeyboard hide and show up.

You can double-click the button quickly,
and the keyboard can also be controlled
by scanning the code.
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