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DT40 Full keypad durability industrial mobile computer
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
DT50G Powerful and flexible handheld Mobile Volume Measurement computer
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
i6310 Light and Slim Android handheld barcode scanner
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LT-N60 5G Slim and Smartable Industrial handheld mobile terminal
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
LT50 IP65 Industrial PDA With Waterproof
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
LT80 Android full keypad handheld mobile terminal
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
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The Division will be committed to innovate ,customize and integrate more and more AIDC , IOT and digital payment products ,continuously improve the production process and quality of products, and constantly develop new products to maintain market competitiveness, is moving in the direction of a modern enterprise with time.



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